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Still from an episode of B&O PLAY's Listening Matters, 2016

Still from an episode of B&O PLAY's Listening Matters, 2016

I'm a producer specialising in film and television, contemporary art, sound arts and music.

I studied contemporary art at Goldsmiths College and attended the London Consortium. From 2008–2015 I was Online and Cross Platform Editor at The Wire magazine in London. Currently I work at audio company Bang & Olufsen's B&O PLAY as their Global Editorial Manager – helping make things like the podcast series Sound Matters, video series Listening Matters, and online/print publication The Journal, a collaboration with Frieze Magazine called Design Matters + more.

I have a prolonged involvement with contemporary art and have worked on projects with organisations like Auto Italia South East, London’s Institute Of Contemporary Arts, the South London Gallery, Germany’s DAAD: artists-in-Berlin programme, Denmark’s Louisiana Museum of Art, and others.

My latest film, Nine Futures, dives into the dream-like world of experimental and underground music festivals, looking at how music anticipates and defines political and personal meaning in the world. The film had its world premiere at the international documentary film festival CPH:DOX and is currently being screened internationally – watch an excerpt of it here.